Corpus Synamet

Within the frames of the project, Synamet – the first microcorpus of synesthetic metaphors was created. It can be used in linguistic, literary and cultural studies, as well in sensory studies. The texts used to build the corpus were excerpted from blogs devoted to perfumes, wine, beer, music, coffee, etc. These thematic blogs were chosen because the chance to find there synesthetic metaphors was the greatest.

The corpus is available online and has been equipped with search engines that allow a user to search for metaphors due to their grammatical (e.g. nominal phrase, verb phrase) or semantic properties (source and target frames). In the corpus, one can also search for specific words (so-called activators) that appear in metaphorical expressions. On the corpus’ webpage, one can find tools to download: ATOS—a tool for grammatical and semantic annotation of metaphors and the frame ontology used in the project. These tools can be used for free in non-commercial scientific projects.